Miracle Healing Pond in The Middle of Natural Beauty

Situated on the slopes of Mount Slamet with ± 1050 m altitude above sea level is about 40 kilometers from Tegal bus station towards Purworejo regency, Central Java. This place is easy to be found and reachable by public transport or private vehicle. Guci is a bathing place with a refreshing geothermal hot springs. Not only that visitor can enjoy a hot bath but also tour in the surrounding forest. You can feel the warmth of the water which is also believed to be able to cure diseases. The most visited place is a shower bath called pancuran 13 which has thirteen showers. One of the reasons why people visit Guci is because it is free of charge.

Beside pancuran 13 there is also pancuran 7 where visitors can enjoy themselves in the hot water. Visitors can see many villagers bathing for the purpose of seeking blessings from God and to cure some diseases such as rheumatism, sores, or other skin diseases in this location. There are 10 waterfalls in Guci hot water bath. At the top of the public baths pancuran 13, around 1 kilometer, there are waterfalls with cold water named 'Jedor waterfall'. It is named so because it used to be owned by head of the village whose name is Jador. Visitors can enjoy this beautiful waterfall and at the same time walking along the streets and see hundreds of pine trees and feel the fresh air.
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