The Beauty of Natural Fusion, Nusakambangan Island

The Uniqueness of Nusakambangan Island, Central Java, Indonesia.

Nusakambangan fascination
Besides its natural Uniqueness of Nusakambangan Island that becomes landmark this island is also widely known as prison for criminals. Attraction of ex prisoner is a potency to attract tourists visit to this island, not to mention that there is historical heritage which is kept in this island. There is artillery monument and castle (Holland's government heritage).

It is located in the southern part of Cilacap city and separated from Java Island by Segara Anakan. Administratively this island is under Cilacap region, but Nusakambangan Island is under the responsibility of Department of Justice and Human Right. Other tourism objects in this island are: Ratu Cave, Permisan Beach, Pasir Putih Beach.

Segara Anakan Beach Segara Anakan is located behind Nusakambangan Island, CIlacap Regency. Segara Anakan is a unique Laguna in southern beach Java Island, with ecosystem of mangrove that has composition and the most complete forest structure in Java Island. Various components of biological resource such as plants and animal habitation, land and water landscape interact each others and make a natural ecosystem.

Nusakambangan beach
Segara Anakan is a part of Nusakambangan which is united into one spectacular spot that worth to be seen. The landscape of the land and its uniqueness offer an unforgetable and amazing view. It is guarantee that visitors will enjoy the beautiful and uniqueness of the island.

Pendem Fortress Pendem Fortress complex in Dutch called "Kusbattery op de lantong te Cilacap." It is surronded by trench with wide 12 m, and there are some part of the building that can be seen untill up to this moment. Beside that trench there is also wall around this location completed with reconnaisance hole which is also fucntion as hole for shooting. This Benteng Pendem is unique fortress, because almost all of phisical part of this fortress are hidden in the ground, with wide ± 6.5 ha. In the fortress there is a number of buldings which is built in the ground.

From numbers which is written on the building, it can be concluded that the building was built in1861-1879. Parts of the fortress are: barrack, defense, crypt/ tunnel, ammunition room, prison, space weapon, accomodation room, health room, well, fortress building, warehouse and kitchen building, stockhouse buiding, barrack buiding, chamber officer, surveillance building, trench. Administrativelly this building is located in Cilacap village, South Cilacap District in Teluk Penyu region ± 300 m western Teluk Penyu Beach. The Beauty of Natural Fusion, Nusakambangan Island, Central Java indonesia.
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